What next?!?!

What next?!?! This is a constant question in my head. Whether it be my daily routine, my next meal, my next holiday or simply the urge to learn more n more.

It’s easy to get caught in the rut of corporate life. Simple. You get up, look ur best, get to work, do ur best at work, get back n hit the bed. Day in and out. When it comes to the weekend, you want to catch up on lost sleep over the week or complete errands you have been procrastinating during the week or like me just laze around doing NOTHING! This was how it was for me for a long long time. I convinced myself that my life was packed(doing NOTHING of course) and always had an excuse to do nothing more. 

Till one day, it hit me that am capable of so much more than whiling away time. I decided to chalk down a list of things I wanted to do but managed to find an excuse not to. I thought n thought n thought. Why was this so hard. I wanted to do something that I could learn n express myself. I come from a family that is highly talented, be it my Mom or my sister’s or even my cousins. But I could safely say that I have NONE! I had to do something about it. Scratching my head n determined to find an activity, my eyes fell on an ad that came with the paper. ‘Dance your heart out’ – that caught my wandering eye. That’s what I want to do. DANCE!

I’ve always had a passion to dance but jumped out of dance class during my childhood cause of my studies. Dancing makes me feel at ease. It surely makes me happy. I can express myself well via dance. Yes! This is what I want to and will do. Without further a doubt I enrolled for Zumba at a nearby gym. At first I was really shy, cause I’ve always danced at dim lit dance floors or the bathroom or in front of my dressing table mirror. Never in front of people who can see me dance. Dancing in front of everyone was first a challenge to figure out what the steps were and to be in sync with the rest of the class. With practice comes perfect, though I haven’t reached perfection, I’ve definitely reached the spot where I feel comfortable to dance my heart out. Zumba class for an hour not only drives away the stress that’s uncalled for, but pumps up your spirits by releasing Endorphins – the mood elevators.

After joining class for one and half years, I can safely say that Zumba is the best thing that happened to me. I loved Zumba and want to take it to the next level by becoming a Zumba instructor. Spreading the joy of dancing is a gift only few have, why would I ignore this gift of mine!

Come Zumba with me?!?!?



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