Travel Queen!

I waited long enough in traffic to meet her. We agreed to meet at 3 PM but by the time we met it was an hour later than planned. We hadn’t seen each other for more than a year and finally I see Teji, patiently waiting for me while her stomach grumbled for food. She hasn’t changed in years, still so beautiful and smart!

Teji and I met when I was in London some years ago. I was like a lost puppy in the busy streets of this place. It being my first travel abroad, understanding people and how things are, took me some time to understand. But Teji looked after me and guided me well by being a good friend.We instantly connected and she invited me to drinks. It was alot easier to settle in with her guidance and care.Our friendship only grew stronger from there. 

Whenever Teji is in India, we meet up n reminisce about our old times and we always have something more to share. Cosmopolitan was something she introduced me to and I haven’t forgotten yet! I always admired Teji for her passion to travel and her fab photography skills. She always feels she hasn’t travelled much even though she has traveled to double the countries my friends and I would have. Her travel bug bit me πŸ˜‰

This time her love for travel became official. She’s moving to Africa for work and has already listed down the places she wishes to travel once she gets there. She always has an epic story to share with her immigration process. At Africa the officer was insistent on helping her settle in once he got to know that she’s single! He kept asking her when he could expect her call. (Classic). Well I can’t wait to come and visit her soon once she is all settled in (with or without the help of the immigration officer).

I wish my friend Teji all the very best in her new chapter and hope she travels to many many more places than she wishes for! Loads of love πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž



  1. Oh my goodness me Mezu, I am so stumped that you wrote about me! There really is no bigger complement to me, I am truly touched! May you travel and explore the world forever my dear friend!


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