What’s in the name?!?! ðŸ˜Š

I’ve grown up having learnt not only to introduce my name to anyone new I meet, but also a short paragraph on how to pronounce it correctly (handful get it right in the first go), what does my name mean, what exactly is my origin and ‘why oh why!’ did my folks even name me so? 😉 These are some out of syllabus questions I get asked mostly 90% of the times. At one point of time I was ready to hand out printed FAQs to anyone who wished to dig deeper in the reason of my name.

I fondly remember my school days when I was mocked cause of my ‘different and highly difficult to pronounce’ name. I recall coming back home in a huge huff all set to do the needful (legally too) to change my name to something simple, self explanatory and no reason of history to be linked. Mom and Dad had to calm the angry ME and pacify to tell me how special my name is and how lucky and unique it is that I won’t find many to share it with! I guess my parents had similar sessions with my older sisters cause they dealt with my tantrums like a PRO.

Am also sure they were mentally prepared for these questions coming their way when deciding to name the three of us. 🙄 Till now they have never revealed the seed of thought(s) on how they came up with the idea of naming us uniquely. However, every time they were asked this question, we have received only high levels of blushing accompanied by a grin which only they both could decipher! 

Living in a world where ‘Mohammad’ is the most common first name and ‘Lee’ is the most common last name, they definitely did ALOT of research, reasoning and sound testing before the naming ceremonies of their children. Having said all of that let me finally reveal what and why my sisters and I are ‘Officially’ called.

We are named after rivers across the globe! Yes, you read that right and No my folks are not geologists or geography teachers 😋. My eldest sister is ‘Pampa‘. She is named after a holy river in the South of India. Many religious followers who trek the seven hills before bowing down to their deity, actually dip themselves in the holy river of Pampa before commencing their onward journey. Dad’s native place was near by the river and hence am guessing that’s why he had this in mind as a starting point.

When my second sister was born, they decided to stick with the theme of naming her after a river but this time they decided to go international! She is named after the longest river in the world located in Egypt, ‘Nile‘.

My Grandma jokingly told me that my Mom had studied and referred the Atlas so extensively that she had never seen her use it so much even during her school days! 😋 They decided to name me ‘Mezen‘ (Mee-zin) which is also a river located in Russia. Apparently in the year I was born, there were many controversies related to this river located in then called USSR. They found it apt to their naming ceremony theme and were tired of any more studying of the Atlas and hence they stopped any further production of toddlers.😁

One of my wishes on my ‘TO DO’ list is to visit all the three rivers. I was lucky to have already visited the river Pampa when I was younger. So that one down and now I am in serious talks with my travel agent to book a package to Egypt and visit the Nile (and ofc the Pyramids of Giza). That will follow my travel to Russia to visit the river I am named after!

I am glad my parents thought out of the box when deciding to name us. Even though through the years I have heard horrible pronounciations of my name and silently abused them all, I am happy and proud to be uniquely named (even if it means having to explain it over and over again). Thank you Dad and Mom for lovingly naming us so beautifully unique. Your thoughts are as AMAZING and wonderful as you both are!Love you loads ❤️❤️❤️



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