The child in you!

With a hectic work schedule I’ve been neglecting my passion of writing. This is NOT good. Not even a little bit. I came home late one evening and plonked myself on the couch and started to ponder on what has changed. Surely time was measured the same way a year ago, 24 hours then definitely didn’t diminish any further. There were numerous ‘ What’s and Why’s’ flying round my head.

My introspection went on for days and finally I had a ‘Eureka’ moment. During the myriad events of ‘ACTING’ like an adult, I forgot to let the innocent child in me breathe! This is unfortunately the harsh reality of all our lives.

One early morning, my friends and I drove to the hills on outskirts of the city. Our aim was to catch the rays of the early morning sun. We made our way to the top and waited for the sun to beam through the clouds and mist. It was just a matter of few mins when the scene changed from grey and gloomy to bright and amazing.

I was lying down on the rocks and my thoughts started to pour in abundance. I recalled my childhood days where I was much more carefree, I did the things that made me happy without having to think much about anything and I was content with the little I had. What has changed and why has it changed? Have I forgotten about my happiness as I have been running towards completing society set goals? I have forgotten my own goals in life in pursuit of something I would never be content with. Latching my happiness on others goals would only lead to sheer disappointment.

I have decided to change this. The child in me will be the author of my happiness. I can no longer stifle the voice of the little one, it would then be like living a zombie life. No one has seen tomorrow and there is nothing we can do about yesterday, but what you make of today is entirely up to you. Today I will take a slight detour and set out to make tiny steps towards achieving my goals.

I opened my eyes feeling determined and confident than an hour before. I saw my friends around me. They knew what I have been going through and let me have some ‘ME’ time. I’m blessed with few individuals in my life who let me be me and accept my imperfections.

I guess sometimes you need these early morning getaways to set the tone of your life right. I definitely needed one of these right one!



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