Globe trotter or Local traveler?

It’s been a while that I got to writing my blogs. The past months at work have been overly exciting and hectic at the same time that I had to give up some of my ‘ME’ time. After successfully closing my project, I’ve come back to writing my heart out and this feels AWESOME!

I recently was at Prague, Czech Republic and the city was hoping to see sunshine for some days. Winter was on its way and preparing everyone to literally feel chills down their spine (in a good way of course!). I was housed for two weeks on top of a hill which overlooked the ‘City of Bridges‘ and was spectacular to see the lights shining through early darkness. It was simply beautiful.

I learnt how to use the local subway and followed this way of commute for my entire stay. One of my favorite things to do while traveling is observing different people and trying to have a conversation with them if am lucky that we speak the same language.

Learning different perceptions from people about India has been my most discussed topic. And every stranger I struck up a conversation with always spoke about the spicy food! (no surprise there) But there has been so many more experiences I have got to know that has made me smile. One gentleman shared his experience about his travel to India and how he was always greeted with so much hospitality that he felt so special and very much like home.

A young girl I met took me by surprise when she told me that she loves Indian dance and goes for classes. At first I thought she was referring to Bollywood dancing which was the most obvious, but my jaw dropped to know that she was learning Bharatanatyam in Prague!!!šŸ˜²šŸ˜²šŸ˜²

Over the weekend I decided to do the touristy stuff and saw the ‘Charles Bridge’ and the castle up the hill. The Sun God was in a good mood and threw out his coat full of clear skies and sunshine accompanied by chilly winds!

As I trotted my way up to the castle, midway through the steps I stopped to catch a breath. I saw an old lady playing the violin. She was aged and was standing in the cold but that didn’t stop her from playing to earn her livelihood. The tune she was playing sounded familiar but I wasn’t able to put a finger on the name of the song. I watched her play for some more time and thanked those who dropped a few coins for her performance. Suddenly, my eyes popped when I realized that she was playing a melody of old Hindi songs!

As I relished on the local special ‘Chimney Cake’ it made me wonder if India has such an influence on the rest of the world or is the Globe smaller than we actually imagine!

I personally think that we all have some influence on each other which makes us connect with one another despite which part of the earth we come from. My stay soon came to an end and I was lucky to have met so many people from different walks of life. This experience is something I will cherish and remember from time to time. Can it just be that we are simply citizens of the Globe who share best practices?!?!

That leaves me with a question for you… Are we Globe trotters or just a local traveler in a new country???šŸ›«šŸŒšŸ›¬



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