Making life count!

It’s taken me a long time to pen something down. It’s been a mad rush for the past many months. Mad rush for what??? you ask and quiet honestly.. I don’t have an answer to that as I have nothing productive to share from the madness I have been referring to.

It’s been the same routine over and over again. Weekday pattern can be described in the below 6 steps

1. Early rise and run to catch the train.
2. Obstacle race from train platform to work
4. Evening sprint to catch the train.
5. Drive from station to home & reach late.
6. Dinner followed by loud snores.

Weekends are spent recouping from the deprived sleep during the week and Sunday evening is spent thinking about Monday blues accompanied with crocodile tears.

Yes, this has been my life for the past so many months. Untill recently life just asked me to slow down for sometime and take a break. The request to go on pause was a pain in the backside (quite literally). For someone who was glued to her seat at work constantly…this has been a complete flip in situation for me to stay still for the maximum time.

I was finding it completely uncomfortable to move around or sit or sleep and cried in pain to just move half an inch in bed on Friday night. You know it’s actually funny to realize how each muscle is working at which area of your body. Try sneezing with this pain am talking about and you’ll realize how interconnected and undermined your body connection is!

Next morning, we went to visit a doctor to get some medication to nub the pain. Nothing at home was informed as we didn’t expect anything serious or major from this. The doctor looked at me with her big brown eyes in astonishment and wondered how I managed through all this while. I was expecting her to write out a prescription for me but ended up getting me admitted for surgery that evening. Wow! Things just escalated from normal to ultra scary.

I was given a dose of sedative and hence have a very dramatic version of the events at the operation theater. It’s definitely not like you would have seen in ER or Grey’s anatomy where everyone was poised or communicates via sign language with intense background score. It was completely like Narcos Mexico with loud blabbering and action without any subtitles. There was my doctor, four nurses (both male and female) and an anesthetic, all shouting at the top of their voices like they were hard of hearing. I vaguely remember asking all of them to reduce their volumes to a decibel which humans call a whisper.

Am sure I slept through more interesting parts in the OT but when I gained conscious I could see the anesthetic telling me that am a brave girl who made it through. At that moment I wanted to kick him so badly but I was numb from the anesthesia from the waist below (his lucky day I guess). I have very less memory of anything after being shifted to the room but others tell me that I was very chatty (that sounds more like me).

The medication made me hallucinate that I lost my job, attempted the Ironman championship and won by sharing my award with a polar bear. I also dreamt that I was speeding in an F1 race and got stung by a bee. That when I realized that the medication started wearing off and the pain had begun to seep in.

The next day, my doctor came to check on me and she had her own distinct way of greeting me. Normally any doctor would ask ‘How are you today?’ but she directly hit the bulls eye by asking me ‘Why are you like this?’ My mom, sister and husband surely had one of the most heartiest laughs and were happy that someone asked the question to me which they had been trying to for ages!
By that unique and direct question I guessed that the doctor’s favorite book was ‘The subtle art of not giving a fuck’ She had her own different way of treating her patients I think!

My need for recovery grew leaps and bounds with my doctor’s question. The motivation to get well soon sky rocketed and to reduce our interactions for any future unexpected and embarrassing questions thrown at me!

My husband has been a such an amazing support and took care of me so well through this entire sudden twisted life’s episode. Even though he is petrified of needles, he stood like a rock beside me and pacified me whenever I cried like a baby. Both my families have been such strong support system and I cannot thank them enough for being there for me. I know that I’ve troubled them alot.

I always believe that it’s only during your difficult times in life you will realize who is who is your life and then your priorities in life become more clear and redefined. There are some things that we all need to go through to learn lessons for life. Thanks to this painful and eventful episode in my life, my blogging is back in tact! (Silver lining in cloud).

Currently am back home and on the slow but steady road to recovery! Am making life count ❤️


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