Bonding in Bandipur!

A regular Saturday would see me snoozing my alarm multiple times till the sun actually was above my head. But this Saturday was different…my excitement started bubbling from 4 AM in the morning. I was geared up for the fun, excitement and action the next two days had in stored for me. 16 bikes and a bus full of energetic people were enroute to Bandipur, our home for the weekend!

We fuelled up our bellies with breakfast on the highway and were back on the road. From among the many bike rides I have been on (by many I mean four 🀭) this one was all the more interesting with the rains playing guest appearance every now and then! Monsoon had kicked in and the occasional showers couldn’t dampen our spirits. Honestly I really liked the feeling of riding in the rain with the view of lush green pastures and trees on either sides of the road. Green corridor had a new meaning in itself. Coming from a concrete jungle, this was an absolute treat to my eyes!

We reached our destination and got allocated our cottages which required a mini drive within the resort and added to the fun of the stay. The cottage was very comfortable & cozy and with the weather outside it was perfect to just relax on the porch with a hot pipping cup of coffee to view greens all over. What bliss!

It was time for the jungle Safari and the next immediate goal was to get a window seat of the bus to catch all the action. We spotted many deer, peacocks, peahens & bisons. We were hoping to see much more and just as we were weaving up a story of seeing a tiger or an elephant to add a hint of jealousy for the others, we actually spotted an elephant silently & calmly grazing grass. It was magestically standing tall with its white tuskers and flapping big ears. His small eyes stared right at us while we were trying to capture his every move. What a poser the fellow was! But soon he didn’t like our company much and decided to scare us away with his trunk raised high! The Safari was worth it. πŸ˜€

Night had set in and our party had started at the resort. Music, dance and alot of laughter was making the waves and everyone had let their hair down. We were having so much fun that the resort’s home grown boar joined us on occasions! I got a chance to see the entertaining side of many people which was nice. Conversations over dinner led to many after party plans and more. The night was still young for many but i snoozed at the very sight of my bed!

I got up to the sound of birds chirping and drops of rain at the break of dawn. The place looked beautiful and I snuggled up at the porch with a cup of coffee and a playlist of songs to set the mood. I loved this feeling and was soaking up every ounce that I could take. I was figuring out what detox actually meant. πŸ˜€

There was bird watching, nature walk & a trip to a nearby temple on a hill organized for those who were interested. I simply chose to dip my legs in the infinity pool overlooking the forest and ponder over why I don’t do this often!

After a heavy spread of breakfast, it was soon time to pack up and get back on the road to head home. We bid goodbye to the resort and was in our way when one of the bikes faced a problem. Finding a mechanic in the middle of the jungle was tough. Thanks to the collective help and team spirit from the bikers, the bike was repaired and we were back on track. We were in this together through thick and thin!

The rains gave us company on our way back till we reached our final destination. We all reached safe and sound. It was an end to yet another lovely weekend get away. This trip gave me many memories to reminisce over, new friends to chat with and definitely a good reason to plan the next get away soon… Really soon!



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